Pres Results by NY Cong. district published

Daily Kos has published Presidential election results by NY Congressional district-Here they are https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XbUXnI9OyfAuhP5P3vWtMuGc5UJlrhXbzZo3AwMuHtk/edit#gid=0

Biden Trump

Jim Brennan was a member of the New York State Assembly for 32 years and retired at the end of 2016. He chaired four committees, including the Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions for six years, the Committee on Cities for five years, and the Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities for six years. There are 96 Brennan laws on the books of the State of New York and Jim won three national awards for his legislative work during his career.

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